Recent change to the system as of 10/15: students must CONFIRM bookings within 30 minutes via their email account!!!

If booking is not confirmed it will be automatically cancelled.



Use this page to book a study room in a library at Seattle Central College. Rooms are available in the Broadway Edison or Pacific Tower buildings.

  1. Choose the location below (Central or HEC).

  2. Choose the date. Green boxes show the room is open.

  3. Find the room you want, and click the start time for your reservation. The system will automatically book you for a half hour.

  4. Use the drop-down menu below the colored boxes to choose an end time.

  5. Click Submit Times.

  6. On the next page, submit your name and email. You must have a email to book a study room and you must confirm your booking via this email within 30 minutes. Others using the system will not be able to see your email address.

  7. Enter a group name. This is optional. Others using the system will be able to see your group name.

Questions about your booking? Ask at one of the library's service desks.

Need help setting up your email? See

Study room booking policies

  • Group study rooms are for groups only. No individual study is allowed in these rooms.

  • You must use a email to book a study room.

  • Book a study room for a maximum of two hours (120 minutes) at Central and three hours (180 minutes) at the Health Education Center.

  • Make only one reservation per day per group.

  • Reserve rooms up to 3 days in advance.

  • Book a room with the same capacity as your group. Bigger groups need the bigger rooms!

  • Leave the rooms neat and tidy.

Opening Hours

Display of Opening hours
Opening Hours
Sunday, Oct 21
Health Education Center LibraryClosed
HEC Research Help DeskClosed
Central LibraryClosed
Central Research Help DeskClosed